Servicing an Air Compressor – Why is it Important?

Servicing any kind of system or machinery on a regular basis is important to keep it running properly and safely. This is also true for air compressors, which are technical, intricate pieces of equipment. If you don’t service your machines regularly, there is a lot that could go wrong. This is why air compressor servicing must be carried out according to the machine’s requirements – not to mention your legal obligations. Continue reading

Lasers – Efficient Pipe Cutting Systems

Lasers provide a highly efficient pipe cutting system, meaning that pipes can be cut to size accurately and easily. For industrial and heavy-duty environments where accuracy and speed are everything, nothing can quite compare to laser technology. A laser powered pipe cutting machine is going to be an excellent investment for a business.

What can a pipe cutting system do? 

Pipe cutters can be used to trim sections of pipe down to the correct size. They can also cut holes for pipe intersections, weld and mark up materials. They are versatile pieces of machinery than will give you plenty of value for money when you decide to make the investment.

How do pipe cutters work? 

Pipe cutting and trimming machines use fibre or plasma technology to cut through materials efficiently and neatly. They might use oxyfuel or Co2 technology in their operation. They will usually be fully automated, so that the processes can be replicated time and again as needed. They can work to different designs and cut various patterns and hole shapes, depending on the design that is presented. It will usually make use of a CAD drawing to feed information into the design and achieve the optimum results.

Why choose this kind of system? 

For businesses that make use of laser technology regularly, a pipe cutter is an excellent investment. It may be possible to get a machine that can also be used for cutting other types of materials, such as sheet metal. Engraving may also be possible. Check with the laser manufacturer regarding the machine’s capabilities.

These are some of the reasons why people choose pipe laser cutting systems:

  • Accuracy. You can specify a very high level of detail within the design.
  • Speed. Laser technology is fast and efficient, without reducing quality.
  • Cost. It is cheaper than carrying out manual processes by hand.
  • Versatility. The machine can achieve more than you could be hand.
  • Flexibility. The laser cutting machine might be useful for other processes as well.

People who are adapting their processes and looking at new ways of working will find the addition of a laser very beneficial. This is because it will help to speed up work and make your team more productive.

Key considerations when investing in a laser cutter 

These are the main things you should consider when making such an important purchase:

  • Size. Think about the floor space required for the laser machine and choose accordingly.
  • Cost. Have a budget in mind. However, also bear in mind that a better pipe cutting system will save you money in the long run.
  • Efficiency. This will speed up your processes, so think about how you can use your workforce more efficiently to adapt to the new machine.
  • Maintenance. Speak to the laser manufacturer about maintaining and servicing your machine.

Bringing pipe cutting processes in house can speed up processes and reduce costs for your business. It is something worth considering if you are a small to medium size business looking to streamline inefficiencies, processes and production.

Finding Someone Competent to Install your Rooflight 

Installing a rooflight is no easy task. It’s important someone with relevant experience undertakes the work – not just a builder with general experience. They will need to know the industry well and have a full understanding of the rooflight products you have chosen, so that they are able to do a good job for you. If they find any problems with your roof or the rooflight, they will need enough product knowledge to know how to fix it.

Look for a rooflight supplier who offers installations as standard. They will be fitting their own systems, so they should be able to do a good job for you. Check their reviews and see how much experience they have – this should give you a good idea about the quality of their service. You will be able to get a good feel for their level of skill by talking to them and asking specific questions.

Health and Safety on Site – Some Construction Essentials

Health and safety is so important, it simply cannot be ignored. If you have any concerns at all about your health and safety policy, or if you are new to the construction industry, invest in your health and safety training now, before something goes seriously wrong. Here are some of the most important points to note:

  • Train all new members of staff thoroughly. They must receive a proper induction when using machinery and their training must continue, especially if they are going on to use new pieces of equipment. Make sure they have access to all relevant manuals.
  • Hire a health and safety consultant. They will be able to put together a policy for you that meets all your legal obligations. They can work with the type of site you have to make sure your policy is relevant and meets all needs.
  • Update your health and safety knowledge. Enrol on a course and do some reading around the area.

Fancy Getting Your Hands on One of the Best Kept Building Secrets?

We all know how much planning goes into constructing and designing a new building, even with regards to minor structural improvements. Those long, tedious and tiring hours, the endless internet searching for recommendations and product reviews. It’s as if you’re virtually traipsing around stores, again and again, eventually you forget what you were searching for in the first place!

It is safe to say that you’re in luck when it comes to selecting a new door design as we have found a very practical solution to open your eyes up to alternative possibilities. This particular solution appears in the form of industrial sectional doors and here are a number of reasons why… Continue reading