Wire Rope Hoists

Wire rope hoists are common instruments of occurrence in places where heavy duty work i.e. lifting and hoisting objects of immense weight is required. That directly takes your mind to such places as industries and companies where those kind of tasks are undertaken day in day out for process continuity. They have become machines of tremendous reliability as well as adaptability. Being heavy duty machines as they in fact are, they are operated by electricity. However you should not mistake it as being a complicated or complex piece of machinery in terms of its principle of operation as well as its material components that make it.

In the early 1800’s when its use started becoming more pronounced, mostly in the mining business, the wire rope was made from strands of steel that were wrapped around a hemp centre. As it was discovered then, this particular combination was sturdier and better grounded as opposed to other options as chain ropes. Today’s versions of hoists still employ the same basic technique as was used in the 1800’s with the rope strands having been wrapped around a central material made of either hemp, sisal, jute among other characteristic centre materials. However they come in different sizes in terms of the type of centre used and wires wrapped around it to compensate the different and specific industrial applications available. The ropes themselves are made of different materials with stainless steel being the prime one. It cannot be overstated how strong and durable these ropes are as opposed to your run in the mill type. This is all aimed at crafting a piece of machinery that can lift weights that are multiple times its own and with ease at that.  Continue reading

Working with Electric Chain Hoists for heavy lifting

Whenever you face a job that involves heavy lifting, having the right material handling tools on hand can save you time, money and unnecessary stress. In such situations, an electric hoist proves incredibly useful. These machines are capable of easily and quickly lifting heavy items, allowing you to move them from one location to another, comfortably and safely.

There are three different types of electric hoists available on the market, including hydraulic hoists, manual hoists and electric hoists. While each has their pros and cons, the electric variant is designed for industrial and small scale applications. Continue reading

Choosing the Best Cranes Servicing

Your crane is a very important machine because it helps in lifting very heavy loads. It is difficult for you to continue your operations if you do not have it in good working conditions. This is why you are supposed to carry out cranes servicing regularly to ensure that they are performing to their full potential. It is also important to service them to prevent wear and tear that can lead to the breakdown of the entire machines, which can be very costly to repair. Well serviced cranes are also safe to work with as they pose fewer risks to the operators.

Performing the servicing work is not easy for you to understand especially of you do not have the skills and knowledge on how to do it. This is why it is always important to hire a professional company to do the work on your behalf. Working with the professionals is the best option because they help reduce all the potential risks as much as possible. Not all the companies you find advertising their services can offer you the best results. So, it is vital to take your time to get one that can service your crane in a professional manner. Here are some tips on how to get the best crane service company. Continue reading

Finding A High-Quality Chain Hoist For Sale Online

Buying a chain hoist online is not that hard considering the fact that there are dozens of sellers out there. However, you have to be extra careful when dealing with internet sellers to avoid being scammed. As you should already know by now, the internet is a breeding ground for fake sellers and scammers. With that said, it’s highly recommended that you only deal with reputable sellers. The general rule is that you should only buy from websites and sellers who have been around long enough to build a good track record. Below are simple but practical tips on making sure that the hoist you purchase gets delivered to your doorstep.

1) Research about the specs and average prices of the type of chain hoist that you are looking for before you start talking to potential sellers. This is to make sure that you won’t pay more than you should for the product. Keep in mind that there are several types of chain hoists. They all come in different sizes and lengths so their prices greatly vary as well. If you are knowledgeable about the prices and specs, it will be a lot easier for you to bargain and deal with sellers.
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Used or New Cranes – What To Purchase?

When you are looking to purchase a crane, you are going to be faced with the decision of whether to buy used cranes or new ones. Throughout this post we are going to discuss both the benefits and disadvantages of choosing to invest in new and used cranes, helping you to decide which option is going to be most worthwhile.

The Benefits of Purchasing New Cranes

Let’s begin by looking into the benefits of purchasing a new crane. One of the main benefits is of course going to be that it is new! This means it has never been used before, and it will be in full working order. You may also find that you have a guarantee for the product so if anything were to go wrong, you can easily source a replacement for the product. You will be the first person to use this product, so instructions will be there and they will be easy to follow and set up rather than having to guess.

The Disadvantages of Purchasing New Cranes

Of course, when you decide to purchase something brand new, there are also going to be disadvantaged. The main one for this product is the price. Cranes are not cheap to buy, so when you are buying them brand new, they will come with a huge price tag that may not be affordable for all. You may also discover that with new cranes delivery time can be longer as they need to be manufactured and built per order, so you may be waiting longer for the crane itself to arrive and be ready for use.

The Benefits of Used Cranes

If you decide to buy used cranes, you are going to receive these benefits. One of the main ones is, it will be there sooner and ready to use. Of course, the delivery may still be difficult, but it is going to be up and running faster than the new alternative. Another benefit is going to be the price point. They cost significantly less than purchasing a new crane, so this will save you money in the long run.

The Disadvantages of Used Cranes

Of course, there are also going to be some disadvantages to choosing the purchase used cranes. One of those being you don’t know what issues it is going to come with. It may be in full working order, but after one use it may need repairing. Which can be difficult and costly. You will also not be protected by the product guarantee unless purchasing from a company that is going to offer this.

There does tend to be a reason why companies sell their used cranes. Ideally, you want to find a company that is closing down or getting smaller. Rather than someone who is purchasing a new crane and needs rid of their old one. Used cranes are going to be cheaper and more beneficial money-wise. But you do need to keep an eye on who you are buying from, as some can cause bigger issues.