Best Paying jobs in the Construction Industry

Working in the construction industry can be a very profitable career pathway, particularly for those who manage to move up the ranks. Some professions within the sector can earn upwards of £40,000, and there are more of them than you might expect.

Project management is a clear example, and the spread between how much you can earn in this position is massive too. At the lower end of the scale, working as a deputy project manager can earn you within the mid 30’s, as a official project manager of a small construction enterprise working on smaller projects, you can earn within the mid 40’s, and working on larger projects can continue to earn a lot more than that.

Architects is another profession that you can pursue that, when qualified for, can be a very well paying jobs. Again, the amount you can earn from the position is largely dependent upon what it is you’re designing and what your reputation says about you, but a typical architect can expect to be paid at least £40k. It is important to note that being an architect is by no means an easy career path, with architects needing 5 years of training, followed by 2 years of internships, and finalised by an exam, where, if successful, you are awarded with your architect accreditation.

Besides these, there are also tremendous opportunities in becoming a land surveyor and structural engineer, which can likewise end up being very lucrative careers. Unlike being an architect, you won’t need as much education in these areas, but you will need a university degree.