Building Materials Used During An Home Extension Project

When adding an extension to your home, you will likely want to know what material options you have for this project. So, today we are going to share with you some of the most commonly used building materials for home extension projects.

Bricks and Cement
Bricks and cement are the most commonly used materials for home extension projects. With them being fairly simple to lay, as well as sturdy once they are laid. Most extensions will be made with two layers of bricks all the way around to ensure for extra insulation, helping to keep your home warm.

Another commonly used material during home extension projects is glass. This is a material that is most commonly used when a home extension wants natural light to be added as this allows you to add windows to your extension. You may also wish to build your entire extension from glass by investing in a conservatory, allowing optimal natural light input to your home.

Timber wood is another common material that you can find being used in home extensions. This is the material that will be used to create the frame for your extension. Helping to ensure everything is kept in line and will be sturdy. It helps to add extra strength to your build. Your bricks will be built on either side of it, with your insulations going in line with it.

These are just three of the most commonly used materials in home building projects. If you are having an extension added to your home, these are the materials that you can likely see being used, and that you will likely be charged for on your invoice.