Replacing Roofing Shingles

Roofing materials are some of the most at-risk components to any building envelope, due to how they are more exposed to the elements than any other component. They are used to shield the rest of the property from rain and slow, so it is little wonder that the first thing to go is the shield.

This reality is one reason among many others that the most important function of any roofing system is that some of the components can be easily replaced. Roof tiles and shingles are among the most common and appropriate materials to use thanks to this assessment. They are essentially a form of built-in obsolescence.

Because these products, both wooden shingles and stone and metal tiles, are guaranteed to at some point break down and need to be replaced, it is important that they can be cheaply and easily replaced. This requirement presents itself in two ways; cheap and easily acquired materials and cheap and easy labour for it too.

Replacing roof shingles and tiles is a time-consuming but fairly low-level skill. It is time-consuming because, in order to replace a single broken shingle, you will often have to remove many more until you’ve got the space to reassemble the layout of the shingles. It is low level because all you’re really doing is adding and removing panels. There is an element of danger involved, and every year roofers will experience a large number of workplace injuries.


Roofing Surveys

Roofing surveys are important in cases where you know there is an issue, but they also have a big role to play in the general management and maintenance of a roof. This is because you typically only know that there is an issue with a roof when the damage has become noticeable, and most people would prefer to catch an issue before it becomes so costly – hence the need for regular monitoring and surveying.

There is, of course, a limit to the necessity of a roof survey. This is because they are usually pretty expensive – depending upon the type of test which gets conducted it could be into the thousands of pounds – so expensive that for most residential properties it is no longer a cost saving exercise to monitor a roof for its effectiveness.

For commercial properties, making sure that any problem is identified before the cost becomes a big issue is doubly important, as they don’t only have to worry about a roof which is very large, but they also need to do all they can to make sure that their ability to work isn’t impeded by any construction work.

Gutter Cleaning Services

Most people underestimate the importance of clean gutters, but in terms of roof management, having clean gutters can be one of the most aspects. This is because gutters serve the purpose of carrying water away from the roof and building envelope. If they fail to serve this purpose, then you could have water building up on the roof, which will massively reduce the lifespan of a roof, which is a bad case, and more typically you’ll have water dripping straight down from the roof, splashing back onto the building and eroding its envelope.

Gutters should be cleaned pretty regularly, although the period between cleaning will depend upon a number of environmental factors (like if there are trees nearby), but every year is a good number. It can be quite a dangerous task though, so unless you have the correct tools to do it, paying for a gutter cleaning service becomes your best option.