Heavy Duty Electric Chain Hoists – What you need to know

Heavy duty electric chain hoists come in a range of sizes, so there is something to suit any job size at all. There are any number of reasons that you may need to use a hoist and whatever reason you need one for, you’ll want to make sure it is one that is up to the job in hand.

If you are finding electric chain hoists for any job, then the trick is to contact a company that has a range of them available. This way you can be sure they can provide you with the best type of hoist available whether this is an electric hoist, a pneumatic hoist or even a custom made hoist. Different hoists have pros and cons for different jobs, so it is about matching the right heavy duty electric chain to the job in hand. Continue reading

Understanding Slewing Rings

Across many industries, slewing rings, also known as slewing bearings, are being used daily. These are a mechanical component that is used in a variety of equipment that requires and use rotation. These can include cranes, excavators, wind turbines, and different medical equipment. They have been specifically designed to withstand heavy loads, high speeds, and extreme operating conditions, whilst being able to provide smooth and precise motion.

The style of bearing we are discussing consists of an inner ring, an outer ring, and a set of rolling elements. These tend to be balls or rollers that are placed between the two rings. The rolling elements are held in place with a simple cage feature which ensures even distribution of the load and prevents all components from touching each other. Both the inner and outer rings will be made from high-quality steel to give the bearing the highest strength possible.

When it comes to slewing rings, one of the main benefits is their ability to support axial, radial and movement loads at the same time. This makes them ideal for applications where high loads need to be supported without compromising their ability to rotate. In addition to this, they are able to allow for a variety of speeds, from slow to fast, whilst being able to operate in multiple directions.

The rings in this discussion come in a variety of designs. Each design is made for a specific application and operating condition. For example, four-point contact, have a single row of balls which are connected at four points, these will be used most in cranes. Crossed roller rings have two rows of rollers crossed at a right angle. These are most commonly used in machine tools, robots, or medical equipment. Finally, three-row roller rings have three rows of rollers. This makes them most suitable for heavy-duty items like wind turbines or ship cranes that need to withstand higher-weight loads.

Another important feature to consider is the bearing’s ability to withstand harsh environments and temperatures. They are likely to be sealed with a lubricant which prevents contamination and corrosion. They can also be designed with additional protection such as heat shields, dust shields, and water-tight seals. Making them useful for many different environments and applications.

Finally, you need to consider maintenance to ensure your bearings are long-lasting and reliable. Regular inspections and lubrication are essential for preventing unnecessary wear and damage to the rolling elements.

To conclude our post, slewing rings or bearings are an essential component in a wide variety of applications that require rotation. Their ability to support high weights, accommodate a variety of speeds, and withstand different environments, is what makes them most ideal for a variety of applications. Proper maintenance of these plays a key part in ensuring they are going to provide long-term service, and their performance remains high and reliable. Deciding which style of roller bearing is what will take the most time, but in-depth research will help you to make this decision with ease.

What are Turntable Bearings and How are They Used?

Turntable bearings are four point contact thin section type ball bearings that contain two sets of holes, in the inner and outer rings, for easier mounting. They are sometimes also known as slewing ring bearings, and they can accommodate axial, radial and moment loads. As well as the mounting holes on the outer rings, there might also be internal and external gears in place, and the bearing isn’t mounted on a shaft, instead being attached directly to a seating surface. There are many different types of turntable bearing that will suit different applications, so it’s important you pick the correct types and size.

Before buying bearings, it’s important to establish all requirements, from the brand and purpose to the exact size and type. Bearings websites are the best place to buy bearings and get good value for money, but they are only useful if you know exactly what you’re buying. Turntable bearings aren’t cheap and though they offer good value for money, you don’t want to be purchasing the wrong kind. This is why it’s essential to check all requirements; if you have any questions, it’s always best to check with a bearing supplier before buying.

Applications for turntable bearings

Slewing ring bearings have many uses in applications requiring rotation, with low velocity. Some common uses for turntable bearings on vehicles include farm vehicles, and light truck trailers. In fact, some turntable bearings might be known as trailer rings as well as turntable bearings, because they let trailer steering axles oscillate. They might also be used in material handling, light duty industrial applications, and welding manipulators. They are often cheaper than proper slewing rings, which is sometimes why they’re used in other applications as well. If you are using trailer rings as opposed to true slewing rings, be aware that they will not be suitable for use when there are high overturning loads, suspended loads, or non-vertical axis rotation. Also be aware that trailer rings are different to precision bearings.

The makeup of a slewing ring or turntable bearing

Single row and double row slewing rings are different to each other in the number of rows of balls. When there is a single row, there will be a standard bearing raceway that has four points of contact. This doubles for double row slewing rings. It’s important to understand the differences, and also to know the differences between true slewing rings and trailer rings, before putting in a purchase. Bearing suppliers will have a selection of trailer rings for use with machinery, as well as turntable bearings/slewing rings. Bearings will be available in various sizes as well, ready to be fitted into the appropriate application. It’s always advisable to check compatibility beforehand and understand maximum possible capacities. Turntable bearings can only be used correctly when used with a compatible type of machinery, and in the right kind of system. You can sometimes get access to lower prices if you order bearings in bulk too. Enquire before you buy to get a full view of your options.

Durable Aluminium Panels for Various Systems

Are you in need of a custom front panel or aluminium rack panels to use for your in-house systems? Often, these are the kinds of products that will need to be made by hand, because they will have to be so tailored to your needs that it is better to start from scratch. Whether you are storing a server system or you are setting up a control system with front panels for the user, you will need to make sure that what you are getting is going to be right for your needs. Custom built systems will have many benefits, but they certainly aren’t going to come cheap! Continue reading

Finding Industrial Compressor Solutions for your Industry

Air compressors provide quality, good value solutions for businesses in need of compressed air for their manufacturing and industrial processes. As an industrial business, your needs will be very different to those of a small business with very few processes required. Choosing industrial air compressors is an important part of ensuring your processes will be as streamlined, efficient and safe as possible. You should pay close attention to the compressors you use and make sure you choose wisely. Continue reading