Heavy Duty Electric Chain Hoists – What you need to know

Heavy duty electric chain hoists come in a range of sizes, so there is something to suit any job size at all. There are any number of reasons that you may need to use a hoist and whatever reason you need one for, you’ll want to make sure it is one that is up to the job in hand.

If you are finding electric chain hoists for any job, then the trick is to contact a company that has a range of them available. This way you can be sure they can provide you with the best type of hoist available whether this is an electric hoist, a pneumatic hoist or even a custom made hoist. Different hoists have pros and cons for different jobs, so it is about matching the right heavy duty electric chain to the job in hand.

So how do you go about finding a company that can provide the right heavy duty electric chain for you? Well if you are unsure of a company to use and no one you know can recommend one to use then the internet is the best place to look.

Working of a heavy duty electric hoists

With the advent of the revolution in the technology, there have some or the other modifications in the different machines that we use, but the basic way it functions can never be changed. There are so many things available in this world whose functionality can be refined and modified to some extent, but you cannot change it remarkably. One such thing that can be listed is the heavy duty electric chain hoists.

For raising the load, the chain has to be pulled. When pulled, the large pulley draws in more chain than what is required by the smaller side facilitating the beginning of the lifting procedure. The different areas of application of heavy duty electric chain comprise of industries mostly manufacturing ones and construction sites.

It uses gears to multiply the force. Heavy duty electric chain hoists when operated by hand need an operator to pull it loop chain on the side. It turns a gear mechanism inside to operate the chain pulley. When the pulley turns, it lifts the heavy chain that usually has a hook on end. With pulling the light chain loop, this manual hoist can increase the force that is being applied by the heavy chain. It is caused by the gear ratios inside the manual heavy duty electric chain.

Maintaining your heavy duty electric hoists

Any equipment or machine that you use in your day to day life needs a regular and periodic maintenance for its successful operation. The same fact holds true for heavy duty electric chain too, if it is well kept, then it is a must that it shall give you great results year by year. This is the key to get great results of operation from your mechanical giant.

They are durable meaning they are long lasting. The only requirement is regular maintenance along with cleaning, inspection and lubricating. The chains which are the most important components should be kept rust free and clean. Some few bearing points require oiling, and they require dismantling the hoist.


 There a few steps those have to be kept in mind for the maintenance of the heavy duty electric chain. But if they are ignored then it shall create a lot of problems.