Industrial sliding doors that save on space and improve industrial functionality

Most people have been accustomed to the traditional types of doors which are commonly found in homes and offices. Only a few people are familiar with the sliding door systems.

Sliding doors have been in existence for a long time. The first sliding doors date back to the Roman Empire which was one of the strongest empires of their time. Roman Empire was renowned for her sophisticated and unique architecture.

Sliding doors were mostly found in the city of Pompeii in Italy which was part of the vast Roman Empire. Roman houses utilised sliding doors as their main choices of doors. Sliding doors were usually mounted or suspended on panels or columns of stone construction. 

Modern sliding doors are however more sophisticated and have better functionality. They are made of wood, vinyl tracks and metal. These doors are fitted to a frame that allows the rolling and sliding motion at the upper-end and lower-end of the track.

This new trend of doors is gaining popularity quite fast for both industrial and residential markets. This trend is bound to stay on for the next couple of years.

While the popularity of sliding doors has been on the upward trend, designers are finding new ways to integrate them into our living spaces.

This new trend has sparked a revolution indoor and hardware manufacturing in order to meet the growing demand. For instance, a few years ago, most sliding doors needed to be custom made, but today, pre-fabricated sliding doors are easily available on the market.

Up until recently, fabricated doors were commonly used in healthcare and office spaces. While their use in these areas is continuing to rise by the day, sliding doors are replacing the typical doors in several new areas such as shops, hotels, restaurants as well as in industrial settings.

Industrial sliding doors are able to save on space which can be used to install other machinery. Space, particularly for warehouses and factories, is selling at premium prices and hence should be properly used. Industrial sliding doors enable your business to reap maximum benefits out of their facilities.

Space maximisation is however not the only reason why business is opting for sliding doors. There are other major issues of concern such as safety, ease of access and security the business premises. Sliding doors are deemed to be safer and they offer maximum security compared to the typical door systems.

There are, however, various design considerations to consider when purchasing sliding door systems. The type of sliding door design chosen depends on the individual needs of the facility.

The primary design of a sliding door involves a track that is mounted above the door opening. The sliding door parts are equipped with hangers that slide on an open track or an enclosed track.

The most important factors to consider when purchasing a sliding door system include safety concerns, the size of the door opening, the weight of the door and the ease of performing maintenance and repairs.