Servicing an Air Compressor – Why is it Important?

Servicing any kind of system or machinery on a regular basis is important to keep it running properly and safely. This is also true for air compressors, which are technical, intricate pieces of equipment. If you don’t service your machines regularly, there is a lot that could go wrong. This is why air compressor servicing must be carried out according to the machine’s requirements – not to mention your legal obligations.

How do you know when your compressor needs servicing?

The regularity of a service will depend entirely on the piece of equipment. All air compressors are different. If you have an air compressor that is used more often, this will also need more regular servicing. Something like a rotary screw compressor is more complex, and will probably need more regular servicing than other kinds of compressors. If inspections are regular, they shouldn’t take very long. You can have it carried out after hours if you are worried about downtime.

There are also important things that need to be carried out at a service, which will need to be done in order to keep the compressor working. It isn’t just a case of making sure everything is working properly – although this is a big part of it as well, and you never quite know what will be found. For example, a petroleum compressor will need a full oil change every 500 hours. This is essential for maintenance and ongoing general care of your compressor.

If you have a servicing schedule, this will make it easier to know when everything needs to be done. You should keep meticulous records, as they may be checked if you ever have a business inspection. Make sure you always know when your compressor needs to be serviced, and book the service in plenty of time to avoid any panics.

Each compressor will come with its own manual and instructions, which will tell you when that specific piece of equipment needs to be serviced.

Why is a service so important?

A service is so important for checking everything is working properly and carrying out general maintenance. It isn’t just a case of looking the machine over – a qualified technician will check everything thoroughly to make sure it is all in order. They can also do basic maintenance like oil changes.

A service is an essential part of your health and safety obligations. It makes sure the machines are in good working order and are safe to be used. This is the only way you can ever meet your health and safety obligations and make sure you and your staff members are safe.

A service will also save you money in the long run. A well-serviced piece of compressor equipment will run better, for longer, meaning it has better efficiency. You can also find out about any underlying issues – often something might be leaking that you would never have known about. This will help to save energy for you, as often, the problems will be something like a leaking pipe, so you won’t have known that air was leaking.