Starting an Apprenticeship in the Construction Industry

The construction industry is arguably the industry that has adopted the apprenticeship scheme more than any other. Most jobs in the industry will either have a traditional apprenticeship format or schemes that resemble trainee positions. This extends from everything from craft based positions such as stone masonry to managerial positions such as construction project management.

An apprenticeship, or alternatively a trainee position, usually will not have any educational attainment requirements for those looking to enter the industry. The apprenticeships will take anywhere from 1 year to 4 years depending on what you’re learning. You may also want to consider the future career path the apprenticeship affords you; some of them could end up translating into opportunities to enter management, while others may not.

The body that determines the criteria for construction apprenticeships is the CITB, which thereby ensure that all construction professionals are able to achieve a certain standard. In order to meet this guarantee, a portion of the course will take place outside of the company you are apprenticed to and instead will include coursework and examination designed to ensure you have an adequate breadth of knowledge.