Surveying Wall Cracks

Wall cracks are a worrying sign for any homeowner to see on their property, but it may not be as bad as you think. The immediate reaction is probably to start panicking that your home is on the verge of total collapse, when, in a far more likely scenario, the building is probably just settling into its position and the plaster covering the wall has cracked due to the small changes in position. Of course, any crack is worthy of your concern, and seeking to find out what the risks are is ideal.

To discover all of the possible risks, hiring a structural surveyor to examine the wall is the best solution. These things aren’t always readily determinable through eyesight, whether that is because the wall is obscured by plaster or wallpaper. A surveyor will have tools like infrared imaging, which can be used as a noninvasive method for determining whether or not something is structurally unsound.