What Do You Need To Add A Patio To Your Property

When you decide to add a patio to your property, it is vital that you know what materials and tools are necessary for this project. Continue reading below to see what you are going to need.

With regards to tools, there are only a few tools that you will need. One of the main tools you’ll need is a shovel. This helps you to remove the ground of the area where you want your patio to go.
You will also need a spirit level. This will be used to ensure your ground is level when you are placing your patio slabs. There is nothing worse than having wonky slabs.
Finally, you will need something like a hand trowel, to put down your cement when placing your slabs.

Now for materials, of course, you are going to need the slabs you wish to use for your patio.
But alongside this, you will need cement. This is what you will be using to hold your slabs in place.
Finally, you will need a type of MOT or Hardcore. This provides you with the best land to lay your slabs.