How to Manage Crane Repairs – the Process

If a crane that you own or hire requires repairs, it is your responsibility to organise them to ensure that they work safely and people won’t be injured on your sites. Managing the process of obtaining those repairs needs to be carried out with precision, so you can be confident in the outcome. You also need to provide enough information to the repair centre, ensuring that repairs will be completed to your satisfaction. Here is the general process you should follow to get your cranes repaired:

  • Inspect the crane visually. Make a note of anything that looks abnormal and that will hinder safe operation of your crane.
  • Stop using it immediately. As soon as you notice a fault you should stop using any lifting equipment.
  • Book in the repair with a trusted crane repair centre. Organise whether you can take it there or they can send an operative to you.
  • Agree timescales and get your invoice. Be clear on your expectations and get any necessary paperwork.
  • Test the crane thoroughly. Store all paperwork away safely.