Durable Aluminium Panels for Various Systems

Are you in need of a custom front panel orĀ aluminium rack panels to use for your in-house systems? Often, these are the kinds of products that will need to be made by hand, because they will have to be so tailored to your needs that it is better to start from scratch. Whether you are storing a server system or you are setting up a control system with front panels for the user, you will need to make sure that what you are getting is going to be right for your needs. Custom built systems will have many benefits, but they certainly aren’t going to come cheap!

One of the things you will need to specify is the materials used. Look for anodised aluminium panels, as these will be high quality and durable. The anodised panels will come in varying thicknesses, so you can find metal to meet your needs. By using anodised aluminium, your panels will be scratch and solvent resistant so they will stay in good condition and won’t get tarnished by the everyday stresses of usage.

You will also be able to command a high level of customisation by having your panels made especially for you. Choose how the panels are going to be laid out, selecting the configuration and design that is right for your company. You can also specify whether you would like your logo or other imagery printing or engraving on the metal.

You will need to select from a 1U, 2U, 2U, 4U or 6U aluminium rack panels – unless you need something that is much taller, in which case, specify this when ordering. The chassis and chassis drawers will also need to be designed and specified based on your server systems and how you are going to be storing and operating them. If you would like extra air holes, then please let the manufacturer know.